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100% Vegan & Gluten free!

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    The Vegan Stuff

    Handmade from scratch with the
    highest quality ingredients we can find.

    The Munchies Boxes

    Boxes of vegan & gluten-free bites shipped nationwide!

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    “The most incredible vegan ice cream.”

    "This is the best vegan ice cream I've tried. Better than Ben & Jerrys dairy free or Van Leeuwen's"

    "Vegan ice cream in the flavor ROULETTTE, yummm!"

    "You know whats awesome? Having artisanal vegan ice cream that is made locally! This MINT CHIP is the bomb!"

    "Pro Tip: THE ROCKY ROAD is out of this world!"

    "The ice cream is sooo creamy & delicious that I don't think you'd know it was vegan unless someone told you...really!"

    Plant based ingredients

    Enough is never enough

    Handmade & Small batched